SDI Select 60 干冰清洗机

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Cold Jet's SDI Select™ 60 is designed to be the most simplistic, user-friendly dry ice cleaning system available today. With the ability to shave any dry ice media input through patented feeder technology, the SDI Select 60 opens new cleaning opportunities for users who experience limited dry ice availability.

The SDI Select 60 can use any Aero blasting machine nozzle or accessory to suit your application's need, and can be as gentle or aggressive as necessary - with blasting pressures ranging from 20 to 250 PSI - covering the widest range of applications in a single machine in the industry.

Cold Jet's patented feeder technology creates shaved dry ice on demand, regardless of input. Simply switch to full pellet cleaning to penetrate the most difficult, thick contaminants.

斗大小:60 磅(27.2 公斤)
进给速度: 0-6 磅/分钟(0-2.7 公斤/分钟)
尺寸:24" x 28" x 43"(61 x 71.1 x 109.2 厘米)
重量:343 磅(155.9 公斤)
耗气量: 50-215 立方英尺/分(1.4-6.1 立方米³/分),在80 磅/平方英寸(5.5 巴)下
喷射压力: 65-250 磅/平方英寸(4.5-17.2 巴)
最小喷射压力: 20 磅/平方英寸(1.4 巴),带有可选压力调节器
部件号 2A0253 / 2A0236

Shave with any dry ice media (Even scrap ice)
Bypass for full 3mm pellet performance
Clean from as low as 50 cfm to save on compressed air and reduce noise levels
Increase pressure up to 250 PSI to clean the most stubborn contaminants
Choose from any Aero nozzle or accessory to maximize flexibility
PN 2A0236 includes internal pressure regulator

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